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Full terms and conditions for transactions are available upon request from terms@yachtcarbonoffset.com

The information on the website www.yachtcarbonoffset.com (the “Website”) is compiled and provided on an as is basis in good faith by Yacht Carbon Offset Limited but no guarantee or representation is made or warranty given (either express or implied) as to the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information on this website (in so far as such warranties may be excluded under any relevant law) or in respect of the availability of the Website itself.

CO2e is used to mean CO2 equivalent, a basis of measurement that takes into account the different global warming potential of greenhouse gases relative to that of CO2.

Changes, amendments and developments to the underlying calculation methodologies or input factors may be made at any time without prior notice as new information becomes available, for example in order to maintain relevance, quality and accuracy of the Website and any associated calculations or solutions. No liability or responsibility will be assumed for reflecting any such changes, amendments or developments on Yacht Carbon Offset solutions that have been provided in the past.

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited may amend, develop or otherwise change the Website or these Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers at any time and users of the Website after such changes will be bound by the new changes.

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited will under no circumstance be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages including any loss of business, revenue, profits, or data in relation to use of the Website.

The carbon offsetting service provided by Yacht Carbon Offset is a composite service including (but not limited to) the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions due to specified client activity, the allocation of equivalent greenhouse gas reductions from selected compliance market and/or non compliance market carbon credits to provide the offset, assistance with articulating the business benefit to yachts offered for charter and the more general provision of publicity in relation to the Client’s greenhouse gas mitigation where required and authorised, and the provision of flags or similar visible signals of participation for use on the vessel or premises. Yacht Carbon Offset itself arranges for the cancellation or retirement of carbon credit instruments and ensures that this is included in the external audit of the Company’s management system; the Company does not supply carbon credits directly to its carbon offset clients.

Yacht Carbon Offset's delivery policy is that the Offset will be allocated to the customer, promptly following confirmation that payment has been received. Upon such allocation, a certificate will be emailed to the email address provided by the customer to confirm that the Offset has been recorded.

Yacht Carbon Offset's refund, replacement and cancellation terms are as follows: Refund or replacement of goods and services may be available within seven calendar days of the purchase in the event of material error by Yacht Carbon Offset where such error is not apparent in the invoice approved by the Purchaser. The Purchaser shall have the right to cancel the agreement to purchase goods and services from Yacht Carbon Offset Limited within seven calendar days of the purchase being made, after which the supply of goods and services will cease and Yacht Carbon Offset Limited may, at its sole discretion, refund all or part of the payment after deducting the amount of any expenses incurred or commitments entered into in respect of the provision of the goods and services purchased. All cancellations and requests for refund or replacement must be made in writing to: Managing Director, Yacht Carbon Offset Limited, 16 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HT.

Transactions may be priced in Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars at the discretion of Yacht Carbon Offset Limited.

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited may transact with reputable third party suppliers or on certain trading exchanges to procure Offset instruments to support certificates provided to customers, and may in good faith rely upon statements of instrument origin provided by such suppliers. The Offset instrument selection criteria effective as at a particular date are available to customers on request to quality@yachtcarbonoffset.com

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited may accept orders for Offsets in relation to an individual yacht from more than one purchaser, noting that in some cases Offsets may be purchased by different people or companies in relation to use of the vessel. We will act on the basis that all such parties are aware of the Offset purchases of the other parties, and no responsibility will be assumed by Yacht Carbon Offset Limited in respect of the situation where two or more parties purchase Offsets for the same fuel use by an individual yacht.

Some transactions may involve a time delay between the provision of an invoice by Yacht Carbon Offset Limited and receipt of payment by the customer. Should the market price for Offsets increase between the date of our invoice and date of receipt of payment, we reserve the right to increase the unit price of Offsets to reflect this. Under these circumstances, you will receive the monetary value of Offsets ordered, but you will not have offset 100% of the fuel quantity indicated. In such circumstances we will notify you and give you the opportunity to purchase the difference.

The Website may for the convenience of customers contain or provide certain links to external websites which are not controlled by Yacht Carbon Offset Limited and no responsibility whatsoever will be accepted in respect of materials on any such external website.

This Website is created, controlled and operated by Yacht Carbon Offset Limited in England & Wales and as such the laws of England & Wales will govern these Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions. The English language version of this website and these Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions shall be valid for contractual purposes; other language versions are provided for the information and convenience of customers only.

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