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Yacht Carbon Offset Limited


Yacht Carbon Offset is focused exclusively on the requirements and expectations of yacht owners and charterers. Whether you choose to Offset today’s fuel delivery, the fuel used by a charter client, or to build an ongoing Offset programme for your yacht, we can help. Your Carbon Offset requirement will be calculated using our detailed knowledge of the major marine fuel types for your main engines, gensets, tenders & watertoys, and we can even calculate an offset for helicopter fuel if required. You will receive detailed certification with a unique transaction reference giving a verifiable and ISM compatible audit trail. You can indicate your preference for payment by transfer, subscription or credit card, and your VAT status will be reflected on our invoice.
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Register and log-on to place an online order, or CONTACT US for a personalised Offset proposal, indicating your requirements or providing contact preferences, and our specialist team will enable you to:

  • Balance the CO2e generated by your yachting lifestyle knowing that real CO2e savings are taking place.
  • Buy Offsets quickly and easily, accounting for your flag, commercial registry and VAT status.
  • Keep records of your Offset commitment including unique, verifiable certificates.
  • Know that your emissions are calculated for each marine fuel using the right emission factors.
  • Ensure carbon credits have been correctly cancelled to eliminate the risk of double-counting.
  • Improve relations with ports and local communities.

Yacht Carbon Offset provides specialist access to the international carbon markets. On your behalf we carefully select carbon credits that represent genuine, measured reductions in atmospheric greenhouse gases from projects that would not take place without the financial support these credits provide.

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